How To Screenshot On Samsung Note 20, S20+, S20 Ultra 5g

How To Screenshot On Samsung Note 20 Ultra

You want to know how to take screenshots on note 20 Ultra, S20, S20+, 5g etc. Then you are in the best spot. Here we will provide you all information. Via how many types we can take screenshots in Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phone. There are many ways to take screenshots in Samsung’s Note series. It’s a different series of Samsung that’s why some options are different from others models.

There are many options to take screenshots in Samsung note 20, 20 ultras. Let’s discuss all methods. Taking Screen Shots in Samsung’s new models is very easy but somewhat different from other models. Here we will talk about 7 ways to take screenshots. Let’s Start…

Method 1 – Using Side Buttons

How To Screenshot On Samsung Note 20 Ultra

You can take screenshots from the side button also, Which Means it’s an old and evergreen method. This method is available on every brand’s mobile. Just by pressing 2 side buttons, we can save a screenshot.

Press the volume up button and phone lock button together for 3-4 seconds. The screenshot will be ready for your fullscreen and it will be automatically saved in your gallery. You can find the ss image from the screenshot folder in your mobile gallery. You can edit or crop this ss according to your need.


Method 2 – Palm Swipe or Right-Light Swipe

You may understand this method via its name. This is the most loved screenshot feature in the Samsung note 20 ultra model. Let’s discuss this method.

How To Screenshot On Samsung Note 20 Ultra

For Enable this option you have to enable some settings. Let’s do these steps to enable the Palm swipe option.

  • First off all Go to Setting option of your S20 mobile
  • Then Scroll and click on Advanced features Option
  • Then Scrool and clcik on Motions and gestures option
  • Now Clcik on Palm swipe to capture button
  • Now Tap to Click On Button

Let’s discuss how this option will work. You don’t need to press any lock or volume button to take screenshot note 20. You can take a screenshot via swipe your hand on the screen on the left side or right side. The screenshot will be saved in your gallery within 2 seconds.

How To Screenshot On Samsung Note 20 Ultra

Method 3 – Via S Pen

Here is the 2nd and one of the unique methods of Samsung’s phone. You can guess this method via its name – Using S pen. It’s one type of stick available in Samsung’s phone named S pen. Its looks like a ball pen. It used to write on note 20 Ultra’s screen.

How to take Screenshots via S Pen?

How To Screenshot On Samsung Note 20 Ultra

S pen is available in Samsung galaxy note 20 5g phones. Pull the s pen from your device and now you will see some options on your device’s screen. Now select the smart select option and select the edit and pen option.

  • Now start to write on the screen and choose your screenshot shape and save this.
  • You will find this screenshot in your gallery.
  • You can use or edit this anytime according to your need.
  • This is one of the best options for Samsung’s Note series model.

Because you can take full-screen screenshots on other’s devices but in the Samsung galaxy note 20 you can select the ss area.

Method 4 – Using Google Assistant To Take A Screenshot

Somehow this option will not work then you have one of the best options to save your screenshoots automatically. Just open the Google assistant. This option will follow your all instructions, just say OK Google – take a screenshot. It will take a second and save Ss in your gallery.

Method 5Using Bixby Button – Note 20 Ultra Screenshot

You can take screenshots in Samsung via using Bixby Button. This is another option available in this smartphone.

  • For Launch the Bixay option
  • Do Long Press on Power Off/On Button
  • Now Click On Screen write Option
  • It Will take your screen’s screenshot and it will be save in Gallery

Method 6 – Screen Swipe Menu

Here is another option to take Screenshot On Samsung Note 20 Ultra, S20+. Follow the steps are given below.

  • Scroll down your play from up to down
  • Then you will have some menu and setting then Left Swipe
  • Now you will see many option
  • Now clcik On Screenshot Option
  • Then It will take screenshot of your current Screen.

Method 7 – Via Apps

Another option is to take screenshots in note 20. There are many screenshot apps are available on Google Play Store you can download one of them

Download the app with good review and rating and install in your device then you can take a screenshot from that app just in a single click.

How To Screenshot On Note 20, S20+, S20 Ultra


In this blog, We have provided you all information about How To Screenshot On Samsung Note 20, S20+, S20 Ultra 5g, Note 20 screenshot, Note 20 ultra screenshot, How to screenshot on note 20 ultra 5g. If you have any questions or query then you can ask in below comment section. Our Team Will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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