IRCTC SBI Credit Card Reviews – IRCTC SBI Card Eligibility, Features And Benefits

IRCTC SBI Credit Card - IRCTC SBI Card Reviwes, Eligibility, Features And Benefits

IRCTC SBI Credit Card – SBI Card in affiliation with IRCTC started a credit card – IRCTC SBI Card Premier. SBI IRCTC premium card is one tier above the previously presented IRCTC SBI platinum credit card and gives relatively promising advantages. It is most of the limited cards on the market that gives an advantage when travelling by train.

Read about SBI irctc credit card benefits, irctc credit card charges, features of irctc SBI premium card, IRCTC SBI Card reviews and fees and much more about IRCTC SBI Card Premier.

About IRCTC Sbi Premium Card

The IRCTC SBI Credit Card, founded in cooperation with the State Bank of India, it’s a travel credit card highly manufactured for rail travellers.

This credit card delivers uncountable services in the travel sector in terms of advanced points, as well as advantages in additional categories like allowance and fuel tax. The card is offered at an annual fee of Rs 500 with an interest monthly rate of 3.50%

IRCTC SBI Credit Card - IRCTC SBI Card Reviwes, Eligibility, Features And Benefits

The Main Advantage Of The SBI Irctc Premium Card

Take advantage of the following SBI irctc credit card benefits-

  • Earn 2500 points as a reward for annual travel expenses of Rs 50,000.
  • Earn 5,000 points as a reward for annual travel expenses of Rs. 1 lacs. 
  • Annual fee chargeback based on Rs. 2 lacs.

Further Benefits of IRCTC SBI Premium Card

  • You receive the following insurance coverage with your card.
  • Free insurance against train accidents for Rs.10 lacs.
  • Free accident insurance for air transport Rs50 lacs.
  • Free liability coverage for fraud of Rs.1 lacs.

Offers from IRCTC SBI Rupay Card

The IRCTC SBI Credit Card similarly provides you exciting travel, dining, golf and further entertainment selections from RuPay.

IRCTC SBI Rupay Card is not responsible for the subject of this offer or the effects of activities established on the offer, as this is done on the interpretation of RuPay.

IRCTC SBI Rupay Card Highlights

  • 10% value back as reward points when prearranging tickets from IRCTC.
  • 350 activation points on initial transactions of Rs 500 or more.
  • 1% transaction fee waived from IRCTC reservation.
  • 1% fuel tax exemption.
IRCTC SBI Credit Card - IRCTC SBI Card Reviwes, Eligibility, Features And Benefits

IRCTC SBI Rupay Card Features And Benefits

  • Sbi Irctc Credit Card Benefits

 Reward Points of 350 on first investment of Rs 500.

  • Benefits of Value Back
  • Collect 10% value back as reward points when you book AC, AC 1, AC 2 and AC 3 Chair car tickets via
  •  Rs.125 spend for every purchase, earn 1 bonus point on another retail spend (excluding fuel).
  • Travel Benefits 1% agreement fee for IRCTC reservations waived.
  • Lounge Offers

It offers 4 complimentary free entries to the lounge for one year. You can have 1 visit to every area.

  • Fuel SurchargeIRCTC SBI Credit Card

1% fuel tax waived.

Maximum waiver of 100 rupees per billing cycle.

Eligibility Measures For IRCTC Rupay SBI Credit Card

The Eligibility examples for a credit card depending on several conditions. See the top credit card eligibility criteria.

  • Job Status

The prime candidate must have an income or be self-employed with a constant source of earnings.

  • Nationality

He/She must be an Indian citizen or non-Indian resident.

  • Age For Irctc Sbi Credit Card

Applicants must be 18+ of age.

  • Credit rating

A reasonable CIBIL score is a key factor in approving a card application.

  • Income

The applicant must be an employee or self-employed along with a fixed conception of income.

IRCTC Credit Card Charges

  • Renewal cost 300 Rs
  • Annual cost 500 Rs
  • Financial Fees more than 3.50% per month (42% per year)

Overdue Payment Fee

  • To make up for the explanation
  • Less than 500 – zero
  • Rs.500 to Rs.1000 – Rs.400
  • Rs 1000 to Rs 10,000 – Rs 750
  • Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000 – Rs 950
  • Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000 – Rs.1100
  • Amount over Fr 50,000 – Rs 1,300

How To Apply For This Credit Card From Paisabazaar?

  • Go to the paisabazaar website
  • Enter your contact number and click on the verification offer.
  • Choose the SBI IRCTC Premium card through the credit card directory and continue.
  • Provide other details and finish the process.
  • After completion, the applicant will receive a call from the SBI Card to collect the documents. The on-site agent will receive the documents. After reviewing the documents, the credit card will be handed out.
  • You can furthermore apply quickly on the SBI Card website or at the closest bank branch.

Bill Payment With IRCTC SBI RuPay Credit Card

  • Download the mobile SBI card app from the Android, iOS or Windows app store and use your online user ID and password for your SBI card.
  •  Click the ‘Pay Now’ tag at the bottom of the Account Summary page.
  •  Enter the registered mobile number and email address if not updated
  • Choose the amount you want to pay
  • Minimum amount to be paid
  • Total amount owed
  • Other amounts 
  •  Select a payment choice and name of the bank from the drop-down section. Verify your details and you will be directly delivered to your bank’s payment interface to generate payments.

Redeem Reward Points

The reward points can be reclaimed by connecting your IRCTC SBI credit card

loyalty card number to your IRCTC login profile. Reward points can be redeemed online via the IRCTC Android mobile app or website.

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