How to Redeem Paytm First Points Into Cash 2022

How to Redeem Paytm First Points

How to redeem paytm cashback points – Here are the explanations: What is paytm first points? And what is the use of paytm first points. So, basically Paytm introduces the recent Paytm Merchant First Points rewards strategy, where all trading members are allowed to earn endless reward points via Paytm all in one QR code for collecting expenditures from UPI based payment applications

And Paytm portfolio. Several users are looking for a way how to redeem paytm first points and paytm first points uses. So, Points earned by consumers in this rewards program can be exchanged for real money. To learn paytm first points redeem see the article below.

How to REDEEM Paytm First Points Into Cash

Paytm introduces the current Paytm Merchant First Points reward strategy, where all trading partners are entitled to obtain payments via QR code of Paytm All-In-One to receive unlimited reward points from all UPI based payment applications and Paytm wallet.

What is Paytm First Points?

Many users are looking for What is paytm first points how to redeem paytm first points Into Cash? To earn points the Paytm first point can be exchanged for real money. The accumulated points can be exchanged for Mobile Top-Up,Paytm Cash or purchasing interesting commodities from the Paytm for Business application such as EDC, Soundbox etc.

How to Redeem Paytm First Points

Open the PayTM app and follow these Instructions

Offers and Cashback >>paytm first points redeem >> Redeem Now >> Scroll to the final one and go to the Redeem for PayTM Cash >> Choose what you want.


Make sure that you need the latest version of the paytm app.

How to Redeem Paytm First Points

How to Use the First Paytm Points? 

Many people want to know what is the use of paytm first points? And How do merchants participate in the Paytm Merchant First Points proposal? All merchants who accept incomes are automatically incorporated in the program via UPI and wallet.

There is no limit to the points that can be earned through this program of paytm first points uses.

How did you Collect your First Paytm Points?

Merchants automatically get paytm first points redeem points for approved payments. Receive more payments and earn more points. This is the fastest way to receive and consume Paytm First Points.

Every paytm first points value in rupees is INR 100 received through Paytm Wallet, traders earn 6 points and receive 1 point for every INR 100 received through UPI.

Paytm first points redeem for Merchant

How to Redeem Paytm First Points

Many merchants do not know

what to do with paytm first points from Paytm Merchant, looking for questions such as how to redeem paytm first points Into Cash. The steps from the first Paytm redeem points?

Quite simple. Merchants can redeem points in the saving area of ​​the Paytm for Business app. The accumulated points can be purchased for Mobile Recharge.


Some of the main features of Paytm

Paytm is the vastly used online wallet in India and is similarly consumed to recharge mobile phones. After this, the Paytm platform started selling stuff. During demonetization, its digital wallet was energetically expanded for money transfers.

However, digital wallets have fee complications. The BHIM app turned out to be a satisfactory option for transferring money. Therefore, the BHIM UPI payment policy is also enforced by Paytm. And instantly the bank found it. A few of the significant and helpful features accessible in Paytm Wallet are listed below.

How to Redeem Paytm First Points
  • Easy account opening
  • Free online transactions
  • Payment bank
  • No minimum balance
  • Free SMS notifications
  • No penalty for violating FD
  • No check, no DD
  • Rupay debit card, international incomes not possible
  • Load Paytm Wallet via bank transfer
  • Rare branch
  • How to redeem paytm cashback points

Paytm First Points Value in Rupees

• The value of each point earned is INR 0.10, ie. 1 point = 10 paisa

• Merchants receive Paytm First Points for each transaction based on the number of transactions.

• Reward points earned are valid for one year.

• Points can be exchanged for Paytm through the wallet and achieve 1 point.

• Minimum transaction value of 50 to pay via UPI to qualify and earn 1 point.

• If a fraudulent/suspicious transaction occurs, Paytm only has the right to cancel the offer.

• Paytm reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the offer at any time without prior notice.

Expiry Period for Paytm First Points

The first points collected at Paytm merchants are acceptable for one year. Merchants can redeem in-app points at any duration between the one-year timeframe.

If your point will expire soon get a new point instantly 

If you have acquired an email from the paytm team notifying you that your Paytm points have been expiring, you can bring the most of your points as follows:

1) Earn New Paytm Points

Payment points will only expire if you have not received current points in the previous 6 months or last for 12 months. The adequate manner to make sure your points don’t expire is to receive extra points before the points in the email expire.

You can perform this by purchasing an e-gift card through the paytm app and earning an account payment. Since Paytm points are not earned until the transaction is finished, you must ensure that your purchase for an e-gift card or a payment is completely attained before the points expire.

 As An Example: How to redeem paytm first points

Paytm first points redeem- If your Paytm points expire on January 1, the invoice payment date or replacement delivery date must be delivered 31 December or before. This information will be displayed on the order preview page before making a transaction.

2) How can you Redeem Your Paytm Points

How to redeem paytm cashback points – If you do not have payment bills, you can redeem these Paytm points at any time before they expire by exchanging them for a bargain on one of the electronic gift cards we offer in our bonuses category.

How To Convert the First Point From Paytm To Paytm Cash

1. Download or update the PayTM application first

2. Open the app and log in to your Paytm account

3. Scroll down and navigate the offers and Cashback menu.

4. Now look at your first Paytm point and open it.

5. Scroll down the next page and tap on Hidden Points in Paytm Balance

6. You are given three types of cards

7. Example: If You have 5000 points which you can withdraw to redeem 5000 points.

8. The PayTM gift card will be added to your voucher quickly.

9. You can top up or pay bills with this voucher.

10. You can pay this credit to any Paytm merchant with a voucher.

11. So quickly return your first Paytm points.

12. You need to send or add money and you will need to scratch the card to open it. You need to get additional points.

How Merchants Earned First Paytm Merchants Points?

Merchants automatically collect points for payments received. Receive more payments and earn additional points – it’s that easy.

Merchants receive 6 points for every 100 received via Paytm Wallet and receive 1 point for every 100 received through UPI.

Loyalty Points Highlights

Paytm loyalty points are a new method when cashback is seen as loyalty points which can be used to spend Paytm comfort for merchants, book tickets or top-up online.

However, this outstanding payment cannot be substituted to a bank account and the amount cannot be transported to different Paytm users. This Paytm ensures that the user spends the earned money on the exact platform.

Until this fresh program, Paytm was one of the special ewallet benefits. However, as you understand what to do with paytm first points, You may believe twice before beginning again to adopt the service.

We expect something similar to occur in the possibility, but not so soon. If you need more knowledge, you can always contact Paytm customer service.

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