How To Get The Archwing Launcher Segment In Warframe | Landing Craft Foundry Segment 2021

How To Get The Archwing Launcher Segment In Warframe | Landing Craft Foundry Segment 2021

Warframe archwing launcher segment – To establish an Archwing Launcher, firstly all players must first launch the Archwing Launch Segment in the Foundry, which will generate a reusable Archwing Launcher image or blueprint to the Foundry in the “Equipment” section. Strategies for the early Archwing segment can be reviewed by Lab Tenno at the clan dojo for 15,000 credits. Players can also purchase the landing craft foundry segment directly from the 175 Platinum Market.


This segment can be developed to the player’s tool menu and obtained in landscapes (Plains of Eidolon, Cambion Drift and Orb Vallis). After activated, the player automatically equips his Archwing. Players can even use the Archwing Launcher in the air. It has endless uses.

What is the Warframe Archwing Launcher Segment?

An archwing segment is a special tool that you can use to create an Archwing launcher.

This launch vehicle can be used in landscapes such as Eidolon Plains, Campion Drift and Orb Vallis. This launcher will allow you to navigate and guide through these maps and open spaces faster and more efficiently.

After activating this item, your character will automatically equip the Archwing. Aside from being a useful item, it’s also an enjoyable item. You can even use it in the air as much as you want. no usage limit.


This item is especially useful when travelling around the landscape while searching for collectable resources that are an integral part of Warframe. Just like everything else in this game, you will need certain resources to build your warframe Archwing launcher segment.

Main Segment

The following segments are achieved in the course of the  Vor’s Prize quest and are therefore necessary for the progress of the game.

●     Arsenal Segment

The Arsenal segment was the first segment defended for the newly built Tenno to be properly armed. This unlocks an arsenal, allowing players to equip mods and/or weapons as they wish.

●     Mod Segment

The mode segment is the third accepted segment, which unlocks the potential to use and combine mods. Received during the mission to save Darvo, warframe archwing launcher segment.

●     Communication Segment

The communications segment is the second receiving segment to enter the market. Achieved during the introduction of the Spy mission.

●     Foundry Segment

The foundry segment is the final segment achieved to remove Captain Vor’s Ascaris implant and open the ability to use foundry to construct objects.

Foundry Upgrade Segment

How To Get The Archwing Launcher Segment In Warframe | Landing Craft Foundry Segment 2021

Below are the segments that will be needed to create multiple blueprints in the Warframe archwing launcher.

●   Landing Craft Foundry Segment Or Warframe Landing Craft Foundry

Warframe Landing craft foundry areas are modernizing foundries to allow for the building of alternative aerial landing and maintenance costs. It was obtained through research at the Tenno Clan Dojo Laboratory. Landing Craft foundry segment can also be bought in the market for 175 platinum.

●   Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment

The Kavat incubator is utilized in the Orbiter’s incubator segment. This allows the incubator to grow kavats.

The kavat Incubator Upgrade segment image can be collected through research from a drop from Hyekka Masters or  Dojo’s clan Tenno research lab and requires a Master Rank 5. It can also be purchased in the market for 175 platinum

●   Archwing Launcher Segment

The kavat incubator upgrade segment has modernized the foundry for the building of the Archwing launchers facility. He added the Archwing Launcher blueprint to the foundry.

A blueprint of this can be achieved by examining the Dojo Clan’s Teno Laboratory. It can be created under the Various tab in the foundry. It can also be bought in the market for 175 platinum.

How to Get Archwing Launcher Segment (Guide)

Although the Archwing launcher was originally designed and launched for the Plains of Eidolon, acquiring this equipment is essential for a quick and smooth run during a Fortuna run or other Orb Vallis activity.

During the construction where you had to create 50 archwing launchers in the Eidolon Plains phase, currently, you only need to do it once because the number of objects is unlimited.

It also has automatic gear so you can use it on medium jumps or falls!

How To Get The Archwing Launcher Segment In Warframe | Landing Craft Foundry Segment 2021

After acquiring the Archwing Launcher and building it a little bit tougher than necessary, this guide will assist you to find all the parts you require, kavat incubator upgrade segment.

Once you have it, be sure to put it in the gear slot with your arsenal. Let’s find out How to Get Archwing launcher Segment

Before you can begin creating the Archwing launcher, you need to get what’s called the Archwing startup segment.

So go to your dojo, run to Tenno’s research lab and purchase the blueprint and also (remember, you have to be a Rank 5 Master to unlock it).

If you don’t currently have a clan, use the in-game recruitment chat to find one! Once you get the plan, go to your foundry and build it, landing craft foundry segment.

To Create An Archwing Startup Segment, You’ll Need:

  • 100,000x credit
  • 50x Iradite
  • 50x Grokdrul
  • 1.200x Oxium

If you’re struggling to get enough credit, read our index guide to find out rapid credit growth goals.

If you don’t have sufficient Oxium (1,200 can be a ton very early and mid-game), discover a good resource group (and follow our guide too!) until you get enough.

Grokdrul is easy to find on the plain of Eidolon, and if you continue to show generosity or just walk through the various Grineer camps, you should be able to find them fairly quickly.

This activity is the same for Iradite, who would sit on the plains of Eidolon around ten and possibly be rewarded for generosity.

What To Do When You Have All The Elements?

After you’ve generated the Archwing launcher segment, you can come to be working on the actual Archwing launcher.

Build Archwing Launcher

Finally, once the warframe warframe landing craft foundry is installed, it’s time to build the Archwing launcher. It’s fairly inexpensive to build but will require you to go fishing for a few minutes.

So, if you haven’t started fishing in the Eidolon plains, do it immediately!

You will want the following resources to create the Archwing launcher:

  • 7,500x credit
  • 600x chain
  • 30x fish oil
  • 50x Iradite
  • 50x Grokdrul

Usages Of These Elements

Fish oil is extracted from the eidolon fish plain. Once you have collected enough, go to Fischer Hai-Luk and allow him to extract fish oil.

On the other hand, if we are talking about circuits, it is a kind of resource which is not commonly found on Ceres or Venus, so do a few iterations if needed.

It hardly takes 30 minutes to build a launcher, so go for it, equip it in equipment slots and utilize it to fly through the open world of the warframe archwing launcher

Remember to press the spacebar and shift key to speed up Archwing, and use your melee attacks to take it off rapidly.

Take Your Take Off!

An upgraded and new archwing appears on your back and you can control it according to your need.The controls are the same as in standard archwing missions.

Remember that this time there are no archwing weapons like there are archwing missions. This time, use the standard costs you have. This archwing ever made can be used indefinitely and you have endless bills.

That’s all from our Archwing instructor, now you have a shorter mission duration and faster completion. Enjoy the flight!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fly on the plains of Eidolon?

This quest will be accessible when Mars Junction opens on Earth. Once done, you need to install  “Archwing launcher Segment” (acquired by Clan Dojo Research) on your foundry. Then you can create your Archwing Launcher and fly into the plains.

Can You Trade With The Archwing Launcher?

Unfortunately , you can’t trade a maximum of these things. not a segment, not a credit, not a limit, and not a nidus. As I said, most of these things (including launchers are non-tradable.

How to Use Archwing on Deimos?

You have to go to Deimos and move to the open area and press Q to choose Archwing Launcher. This is all you have successfully put the archwing and ready to roll. You can exit airplane mode by pressing E. This is all to use Archwing in Cambion Drift, Heart of Deimos.

How to Set up Archwing in Fortuna?

Luckily, creating the launcher only takes 30 minutes. When you’re done, you can equip it with gear and head to Orb Vallis. Once in the snowy desert of Venus, use the launcher to summon your Archwing and fly.


In this guide, we’ve discussed how we can create our Archwing Launcher from scratch. While it may seem like a difficult and impossible task, basically the steps required to make it clear and easy to follow.

So it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced player in this Warframe game. You may still want to and go on to build your own Archwing Launcher.

Final Words

In this blog, we have provided you all details about archwing launcher segment, warframe archwing launcher, warframe archwing launcher segment, landing craft foundry segment, kavat incubator upgrade segment, how to get archwing launcher segment, warframe landing craft foundry, etc. If you have any question or query then you can ask in below comment section.