Fm Whatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 7.60 & v8.25 – fm Whatsapp Update 2021-2022

FM Whatsapp Apk Download (Latest Version)

Fm Whatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 7.60 & v8.25 Download 2022 – फम व्हात्सप्प अपडेट, Whatsapp Update 2021 Nowadays WhatsApp is one of the most prominent messenger apps. It has made life easier for users by connecting people from different places.

Although it is an important application, it lacks many features Fortunately, there is a modified feature of the app that overcomes this limitation – one of them is FMWhatsApp/

FM Whatsapp v8.25 Download – Whatsapp Update 2021

When it comes to WhatsApp mods, there are tons of options available and one of those WhatsApp mods is FM Whatsapp v8.25 Download

The FMWhatsApp / WhatsApp new version download Apk is trending because it has interesting features and even customization options. Find out more by reading this article!

 FMWhatsApp APK download MODs are always a great choice over default apps. FMWhatsapp features will make it easy for you and enhance the overall user experience. MOD developers change the current features and keep adding new features to the app. Therefore, many Android users are taking a step and turning to WhatsApp mods like FMWhatsApp apk 8.93

How To Download Fm Whatsapp Mod Apk?

  • Below we have provided you a download button
  • Scroll this page and click on that download button
  • After that you will be redirect on another page
  • Their you’ll find another download button
  • Click again on that button – फम व्हात्सप्प अपडेट
  • App will start download in few seconds

How To Install Fm Whatsapp Apk v8.25?

  • Click the file from below download button
  • Now click on install button
  • Then your device will ask for allow some options
  • Allow all options then click again on install button
  • App will install in your device

Fm Whatsapp FeaturesFm Whatsapp Latest Version 7.60 Apk Download

Version Requirement4.1 Android
Total Downloads100000+
DeveloperFM Mods
Last Update1 Day Ago

What Is Fm Whatsapp Latest Version 7.60 Apk 2022?

FMWhatsApp/Fouad Whatsapp v8.25 download is a WhatsApp MOD established by Fouad Mokdad. This app was introduced to help people get rid of WhatsApp restrictions and excessive usage restrictions. The mod version of WhatsApp comes with much better features than the current original version.

The FMWhatsApp app is getting more and more popular because people like to use it for a more visual experience and cool features which are not in the original app. This app offers the freedom to customize the app so you can customize the app to your satisfaction. The main objective of this apk is to provide amazing features, extra privacy and the desired improvements.

Note: FM WhatsApp has a deactivation function. Many people believe that using a modified version of WhatsApp can cause the original app to be blocked. This is not true, this Whatsapp web download apk

New version download on any device without being locked – फम व्हात्सप्प अपडेट

What’s New In FM WhatsApp 8.25 Download?

How To Download Fm Whatsapp Mod Apk?
  • 08-08-2021 Base:
  • Messages about delays stay on the phone
  • Fix bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Misc Many other fixes and improvements
  • FM Whatsapp v8.25 download Mod is an edited version

Best Features Of Fm Whatsapp Latest Version 7.60 Apk Download

It’s always been said that MOD is always a good choice rather than original apps

The  FMWhatsapp latest version 7.90 apk download or Whatsapp web download apk

brings new additions and exclusive functions, which we describe below. I am sure if you went through all these features will FMWhatsapp Apk download

Freeze Your Last Scene – Whatsapp Update 2022

If you want to hide your last seen in WhatsApp chat. The original WhatsApp app allows you to turn off last seen, but you won’t see anyone else’s last seen on WhatsApp

But FMWhatsapp enables you to see other people last seen but they won’t be able to see yours

Hide View Status In Fouad Whatsapp Latest Version

This feature prevents people who have posted stories on their status from knowing that you are viewing their status.

Show Blue Tick After Reply – फम व्हात्सप्प अपडेट

With FMWhatsApp, the sender only sees the blue tick when you are replying to him not only by seeing their messages

Your friends may not know that you are online and read their messages

Hide Delivered And A Blue Tick In Fouad Whatsapp Latest Version

With this function, the blue tick is not shown to other users. You will receive the message and on the other hand, the user will only see the blue tick while replying not by just seeing the message.

How To Download Fm Whatsapp Mod Apk?

Hide Typing And Recording Action Text

When you chat with someone, this feature does not show the person you are chatting with that you are writing or recording a voice message.

Disable Tags For Forwarded Messages

FMWhatsapp allows us to forward all messages without notifying others that messages sent to them will be forwarded repeatedly before they reach them.

Anti-delete Status – Whatsapp Update 2022-2022

The anti-deletion status is again one of the best features in FMWhatsapp. You will see other people’s stories even after deleting them.

Anti-Delete Message

Like the delete status feature, FMWhatsapp also has a delete message feature With FMWhatsapp, you can view deleted messages.

Lock Apps

FMWHATSAPP provides an app lock feature that allows you to lock apps and also supports various lock systems such as model, fingerprint and PIN. Therefore, you don’t need to download any additional Android apps to protect your WhatsApp messenger as you can do that very easily.

Call Filters – फम व्हात्सप्प अपडेट

We all always receive calls from unexpected numbers on WhatsApp and this turned out to be pretty annoying, but with the help of this app, you can filter the contacts who have the right to call you on WhatsApp.

Chat Pins

This is an extraordinary feature of FMWhatsapp Mod which makes it easy for you to attach unlimited chats

This feature is also available in official WhatsApp but you can only hang 3 cheats

Call Blocker

From the FMWhatsapp latest version 7.90 apk download or Whatsapp web download apk you will get an option of call filter which will be very helpful for blocking annoying calls. You can filter contacts and block them however you like.

Share Media

WhatsApp is a powerful app, but it has a lot of limitations. With FMWhatsapp you can send more than 30 pictures at once. In addition, you can also exceed the document file size limit. No need to bother about using any  another app to send big media files because FMWhatsapp do it by itself

Variant Of Emojis

In addition to the emojis you have on your system phone, you can browse the extensive collection of emojis that FMWhatsapp has to offer! There are tons of emojis from Emoji One v3, Android 0, facebook emoji, stock and more! This app has a lot of them. Find and use emojis as you’ve never seen before and impress your family and friends!

Amazing Themes

Another thing that makes FMWhatsapp v8.25 download quite famous is its themes. It offers tons of awesome themes and FMWhatsapp dark mode download

that transform the view and feel of the app.

Group Settings – Whatsapp Update 2021

FMWhatsApp also comes with many group settings, such as the ability to change the color for each group and build groups of 256 users There is also a group search setting.

A Lot Of Customization Options

Lastly, FMWhatsApp offers lots of customization options. There are more than 100+ themes on FMWhatsapp dark mode download With them you can change the entire look, background language, app logo, font style and also can  view deleted messages and check status icons etc all these are free of cost

Apart from these, it also has a lot of helpful and fascinating features that it offers. Moreover, I’m pretty sure by now you understand how FMWhatsApp differs from

So good to go and give it a try.

Advantages Of FmWhatsApp APK Download

Below are the positive aspects of this app

  1. It has an anti-delete feature that prevents recipients from deleting your sent messages.
  1. A large collection of themes/ FMWhatsapp dark mode download
  1. You have the right to share ten images in one message.
  1. Can share big files up to 700MB.

Disadvantages Of FMWhatsApp APK

Every good thing has some downsides, here are some of the disadvantages of this app

  1. Unable to back up data to Google Drive.
  1. This is not an authorized version, so there may be a privacy risk.
  1. All processes work sluggish than the default app.

FMWhatsApp Or GBWhatsApp: Comparison And Differences

The difference between these two mods is very minor, it depends on your choice all of them are extraordinary and have some limited features. I advise FMWhatsapp more than any other mod of Whatsapp. Fouad Whatsapp v8.25 download and updates very frequently so you get new features with every update.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.Can You Get Banned By Using FMWhatsApp?

Many WhatsApp mod users have faced bans in the past due to WhatsApp rules.

But this issue is not found in FMWhatsapp

The app developer has resolved this issue after the FMWhatsapp latest version 7.90 apk download update so you don’t need to worry about the restrictions.

2.Is FM WhatsApp Safe?

 It is completely safe WhatsApp new version download This app works with the official WhatsApp API so you can log out easily by deleting your account from this app.

3.Does It Require Root To FMWhatsApp APK Download On An Android Device?

Some WhatsApp mods require root access. Such versions of WhatsApp use root access to provide privacy options but this FMWhatsapp v8.25 download can provide this privacy option without any root access.

4.Does FMWhatsApp Have Dark Mode?

Yes, it has, even though there are so a ton of customization options available in the FMWhatsApp apk. You can get Amazing Features like DND, unique Emoji Variant, FMWhatsapp dark mode download WhatsApp Chat Lock, Hide Chats, Etc.

5.Is it Better Than The Original WhatsApp?

This is of course better than regular Whatsapp. There are many FM Whatsapp features and options which the original one doesn’t have. However, you can use both at the same time with 2 phone numbers.


Whatsapp has won our trust for a very long time and we love to use it, but the official version comes with some limitations. No need to worry because FM WhatsApp 2021″ beat the original WhatsApp by its outstanding and mindblowing features

Overall, if you want to get more out of the original version, FMWhatsapp v8.25 download is a good choice, so give it a try, trust me, you won’t stop using it once you install it.

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